Welcome to FrostyNetworks.com.

I am a professional network engineer with nearly 30 years of professional experience.  I have deployed and maintained countless advanced communication networks in urban and rural environments throughout my career.

I live and breathe network related things, personally and professionally.  At this very moment, you are connected to my homestead in Fairbanks, Alaska.

It is not particularly interesting that I can deliver a website, securely, from my homestead in some far off place like subarctic Alaska.  Even though that is interesting to some degree.

What is technically excellent is that I can do so in less than 800 milliseconds, with your request traversing a minimum of 3,600 miles.

That’s my technical specialtyReal-time and in-perceptively instant network level communication across thousands of miles of geographic separation.

What’s This About, Then?

At this time, this is a personal hobby domain for Jeff Whiteside.  This domain has many uses to me.  It may, or may not, have some future purpose for the general public.

For now, the primary purpose of this site are the various musings, from a network engineer’s perspective and experience, on rural internet in the frontier of Interior Alaska.

I am gainfully employed and quite busy.  But, I do occasionally take on side projects that are somewhat mutually beneficial or are interesting to me.  The kinds of work I can do include:

  • Setup, installation, configuration of small, medium and enterprise networks
  • Setup, installation and configuration of WiFi networks, including guest portal access and traffic segregation (e.g. secure/insecure)
  • Point to point wireless connectivity between locations
  • Network diagnostics and troubleshooting across the network stack
  • Voice communications
  • Complex real-time communication networks (e.g. IP Radio to VHF/UHF)
  • Network security (e.g. firewalling, network segregation, etc.)
  • Web hosting for mutually agreed upon websites & services (typically local, small business without online stores)
  • Web development, as long as you agree with my ethos of web design (simple and responsive)
  • System monitoring and alerting
  • Strategic IT decision making, planning and risk assessments
  • Many other things.  I have 30 years of experience in IT across various spectrums.  From international corporate networks to the rural sprawling ranches of Montana, I’ve almost seen it all.

If you need help with something like this, and you understand that I don’t work for free, please feel free to:

Contact Me! →